I am Steve Fink.

You are not.

Or if you are, you are merely one of those small, irritating steve finks who exist purely to frustrate my Google vanity searches.

Not much here. When first constructing my resume, I put together an open source project list. Now I don't need the resume anymore, since I am working at a fun startup called Reactrix. Errr... no longer. Go look at my resume and offer me a job. Or just tell me what cool things you're working on so I can get a better idea of what's out there and what to look for.

These days, I am slowly writing a blog on my wiki, but it tends to pretty technical discussion about things I'm working on, so there's a pretty restricted set of people who could conceivably be interested. And now I've pretty much switched to LiveJournal, where I don't write anything.

I have also ranted about the evils of information hiding. If you disagree with it, then it's probably more right than wrong for you. If you agree with it (like I do!), then it's most likely more wrong than right. We humans are funny that way.

Speaking of ranting, here's one on command-line vs graphical interfaces.

Or, for something a little different, let tell you about what it was like to watch God create the universe.

Hey! You could also read some of the drivel I have written at PerlMonks. And I just noticed that none of them have much of anything to do with Perl; they're mostly about programming and being a corporate serf. I really ought to move them over to a blog or something. Let's see...

Then there's the description of how I slack off in the most difficult manner possible.

Or how about a cartoon? I came up with a very vague idea for my friend Tipatat Chennavasin, who writes a monthly comic strip. He made it into a real idea and illustrated it, and was nice enough to give me a byline.

Or something useful, perhaps.

Ever get this annoying message from Thunderbird: "The current command did not succeed. The mail server responded: The requested message could not be converted to an RFC-822 compatible format.." Try my mailbox cleaner tool.

Who am I? I am Steve Fink from the San Francisco Bay Area in the United States. You are reading my home page.
ObJAPH: perl -le '$_="cslwbauyzhdegkitjmqopfnxr";y/a-z/\0-0/;print @{[pop=~/(.)/g]}[map ord,/(.)/sg]' "a jerk helps each urn trot"